End of Season Pig Roast

Celebrating the end of summer, planning for the Holidays...

It's hard to believe it's the middle of October already, we had the remnants of a tropical storm blow through this week, but the fall colors remain on the trees! After living in Florida for so many years, I had forgotten how much I love this time of year. We always traveled up to visit my family in October and "ooo" and "ahh" at the leaves, but there is something special about experiencing it day to day on the ride to the grocery store or to the Stockbridge post office.

We had a very special event at the end of September, an end of season Pig Roast!

The plan had been hatched as a small barbeque for staff and local vendors, but what we ended up with was something very special.  As the beauty of the perfect autumn evening unfolded we felt truly blessed by the people that came into our lives this summer.  The food was amazing, from the star attraction on the spit and the fire roasted vegetables, to the sides and dessert made by yours truly.

Especially beautiful were the ash roasted pumpkins. The filling was combined with goat cheese, arugula and pepitas and spooned back into the pumpkin to serve.  Yum!  Beautiful and delicious!

The beer, wine and apple cider flowed, and the evening ended with great coffee and s'mores around the remains of the fire.  Thanks to Jazu Stine and Climbing Tree Farm for their great work.  And a special shout out to Tamara Carter and Siobhan Shea, without whose vision the evening would have been...oh...hamburgers and hot dogs on paper plates! Ladies, you rock!

We are offering Thanksgiving dinner here at the Inn, included with a 3 night stay over the holiday!  A perfect opportunity to get away for a few days and leave the cooking to us!  I envision a lovely feast, and then some power shopping in the Berkshires on Friday at the Lee Premium Outlets. Check out our website and call us to reserve your spot at the table!

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