Dreaming of a Berkshire Spring at The Inn at Stockbridge

Dreaming of a Berkshire Spring at The Inn at Stockbridge

Lots of rain here at the Inn this week, followed by another winter blast today.  Between the rain and the snow melt I understand why they call this "mud season" in the Berkshires! There is a great sense of expectation as we plan for our first spring.  Can't believe we are coming up on our first anniversary as innkeepers, the time has really flown!

The chickadees had the bird feeder pretty much to themselves this winter, along with a couple of squirrels (gray and red), but this week they have begun to compete with a throng of interlopers! Juncos, blue jays, our house finch (back to nest on the porch again perhaps), and I spotted a cardinal today.  They will all get a free ride for a couple more weeks, then the feeder will come in for the summer.  Yogi and Boo-boo are very fond of birdseed and have given a guest or two a bit of a startle!

In typical New England fashion, we are pouring over the seed catalog,  I am told we are running late getting our order in, so I stayed up late the other night paging through the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed catalog, and the next morning found I had marked just about every page.  I turned it over to Tamara to whittle down.  Must haves:  herbs for the kitchen, cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes.  A pumpkin patch would be fun, and some melons.  We have blueberry bushes all over the property (one of the reasons Yogi and Boo-Boo made frequent visits last year), some grapevines in need of resuscitating, and even an apple tree we think will thrive with some TLC.

We will try and stagger the planting so we have crops ripening throughout the summer and I am really hoping I can find a few minutes every day to spend in the garden.  I have a picture in my head - in my straw hat making early morning treks for herbs, and evening walks to gather the bounty and chase off the critters!

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