Summer is Coming to the Berkshires!

The Inn at Stockbridge welcomes summer....

Summer is arriving here at the inn! We just passed our one-year anniversary as innkeepers over the Memorial Day weekend, and with a full house we had little time to celebrate other than with a quick post to Facebook along with a photo of us snapped by one of our guests.  He and his wife were visiting along with another couple for the weekend, and while he was snapping our picture, his friend was practicing his bagpipes down along the driveway....It's never dull here, that's for sure!

We have been working hard this year on many projects,  just try and stop us from telling you all about it when you come and visit! The new pillars and lights at the foot of the driveway are complete, and undergoing some enhancements already.  Jeff wants them perfect, so he will be changing out the lights.  He won't let me post a picture until they are completely right, so stay tuned for that.

Of course the infamous front porch is complete and looking great, as well as some fresh paint and new floorboards on the wraparound porch. We finally got our vegetable garden completely planted, thanks to Tamara and crew. They are a force of nature, and thanks to them we will have buckets of fresh tomatoes this summer, along with a myriad of other vegetables and flowers. Can't wait!  Already had some radishes.

On the inside? We finished updating the Blagdon Room's bathroom and it is looking fantastic!  New paint, new shower door, refinished tub and a new rain shower head.  In progress is fresh paint in some of the Barn rooms, and redecoration in the Cottage House throughout. I'll be posting new pictures as each room is completed. We are pleased and hope you will be as well.

So...the pool is open, the trees are green, the rhododendrons are blooming, and Peter Rabbit is eyeing our vegetable garden and licking his chops! See you can book online today!


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