About the Owners of the Inn at Stockbridge

Our vision for the Inn...

We took ownership of the historic Berkshires bed and breakfast in May of 2013, with great excitement and enthusiasm for this wonderful estate!  We both come from a 30-year IT background, and after a long career in the computer industry we felt the time was right to try something new.  

After weathering our first busy summer season, we got busy renovating and rejuvenating the Inn.  Our repeat visitors will notice lots of changes this summer, with more on the horizon.  Our goal is to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, with a focus on exemplary service, great food and unparalleled hospitality.  

A few pictures of us below highlight our time at the Inn and our global adventures before our inn-keeping days!  Jeff is originally from India, with 20 years in England before finally landing to roost in the United States.  I am  a New England girl at heart, raised in Connecticut.  Wanderlust took me around the U.S. and the world before bringing me to the Berkshires.  Jeff and I met in Seoul, South Korea....ask us to tell you the story!