The Historic Inn at Stockbridge

A place of home and hospitality since 1906

Step into the history of the Berkshires right here at the historic Inn at Stockbridge – or venture out to explore the region's historical places on your own. Here, there's history around every corner.

"Inn"-tertwined with the History of the Berkshires

While the Main House at this historic Stockbridge property wasn't built until 1906, the history of the land upon which the Inn rests dates back to 1739, when one of Stockbridge's original settler families, the Williams, came to the area with the hope of converting the Stockbridge Indians to Christianity.

In 1906, Boston attorney Phillip Blagdon built the Main House in Georgian-style fashion for use as a summer cottage – though in today's terms, mansion is more appropriate. The Blagdon family held the property until 1972, when it was sold a number of times before coming under the ownership of Karen Putnam, who turned the private residence into a guest house.

Enter Lee and Don Weitz in 1982, who purchased the guest house and renamed it the Inn at Stockbridge, adding the owner's quarters, and lovingly restoring this historic home along the way.

Transformations at the Inn

Since officially becoming the Inn at Stockbridge, the property has seen significant improvement to the Main House, as well as significant additions to its surrounding grounds.

Ownership changed hands again in 1995 when Alice and Len Schiller purchased the Inn. During their time there, they decided to duplicate the architecture of the Main House, building the Cottage House in 1997 with four spacious, magical suites inside.

In 2001, the barn was added to the estate with four additional luxury barn suites, all including private deck, king-size bed, double whirlpool and other wonderful amenities. In total, the Schillers dedicated 18 years as stewards of this historic Stockbridge B&B.

In 2013, Lisa Morehouse and Jeff Bell made the leap from the world of IT (they may or may not admit they were of the highest caliber of computer geeks) to the world of full-time innkeeping as the Inn's new owners. Today, they're dedicated to making their home yours – if only for a short time – as well as a place of warm Berkshire hospitality and exceptional service, one that you'll return to again and again.